Photography Exhibition by Malaysian and Turkish photographers

Addressed by Tan Sri Lim at Limkokwing University, Cyberjaya
10 February 2007

His Excellencies, Barlas Ozener, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, Marcos Caramuru de Paiva, Ambassador of Brazil

Member of the Press

Students, academic staff and friends

Firstly, my personal, profound thanks to His Excellency Barlas Ozener, for taking time off to officiate at today′s event.

I also like to extend a warm welcome to His Excellency Marcos Caramuru, photographers from Turkey and Malaysia taking part in the exhibition, members of the press and friends to the exhibition.

I am most delighted that this venue has been chosen for the exhibition. This International Student Centre also houses the One World Club, which is open to all students to interact and unwind.

The title of the exhibition is intriguing. Through the empty eyes, I reckon, photographers captures scenes and moments memorable, scenic, historical and endearing. With their lenses and skill, they are able to express, represent or convey art in print.

A camera is an extension of the photographer′s eye and mind. In the digital age, it is a handheld device you can put in your pocket. For millions of people across the globe, photography is still widely recognised as a form of art.

At one time, photography was "drawing with light." Today it is a powerful means of communication and a mode of expression that touches human life in many ways.

This is what today′s exhibition is all about. Fourteen highly talented photographers from Malaysia and Turkey are showing the reality of life in striking contrast and against colourful backdrops, each arresting your attention and stirring your imagination.

This exhibition is historic in that Limkokwing and Sabanci have pooled their resources to jointly organise it. This is the second, but certainly not the last collaborative endeavour between the two universities. Only two days ago, we teamed up to stage an exhibition of prints, aptly called The Journey Through Self–Expression

Through this synergy, the two universities can strengthen academic links, share knowledge and information and work together on mutually beneficial projects. In fact, Limkokwing is looking forward to closer collaboration with Sabanci in fields beyond photography – for instance, in research, performing arts, student and cultural exchanges.

Limkokwing and Sabanci share a number of common interests and goals, one of which is that they adopt a global outlook. Both are private institutions of higher learning. Both are also relatively young in terms of inception.

While Sabanci strives to be a "world university", Limkokwing is going global. We shall open our branch campus in London next month, followed by the opening of another campus in Gaborone, Botswana, in April. In due course, we shall also expand to New York and Beijing.

Our campus is already home to some 6,000 students from 90 countries. Like Sabanci, it is multicultural and is a model of quality education. The embassies of Turkey and Brazil could tap into the many creative minds on our campus, and collaborate in new endeavours.

Likewise, Malaysia and Turkey have much to gain from collaborative efforts in a broad spectrum – from bilateral trade and investment to tourism and manufacturing. Turkey is Malaysia′s 6th largest trading partner. The two members of the OIC can further foster close ties in areas such as banking, telecommunications, construction and transportation.

Both countries are at the strategic crossroads. Turkey is the perfect springboard to the European Union and the G20. Malaysia serves at the conduit to two of Asia′s fastest–growing economies, China and India.

Malaysia and Turkey also share a strong affinity. Both are Muslim countries, have a young population and high rates of literacy, are reform–oriented and culturally rich. They are also well–endowed with natural resources and industrial/agricultural products.

More importantly perhaps, the two countries produce pools of new and young talents for tomorrow. Shortly you will see some of their outstanding works on show. These are the fruits of a pleasant pursuit as well as a rewarding collaboration.

It will be a visual feast for students, academics and members of the public.

In the not too distant future, Limkokwing hopes to reciprocate by staging an exhibition in Istanbul. This two–way flow of student activities will be of immense benefit for the two universities as well as the two countries.

For now, we have the pleasure of playing host. Have an enjoyable time here.

Thank you.