Limkokwing University Graduation July 2013

Address by Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr Limkokwing at Graduation Ceremony Kuala Lumpur, July 20th 2013
20 July 2013

With the permission of the Chancellor of the University, Her Royal Highness Sultanah Pahang, and His Royal Highness the Tunku Bendahara of Kedah, I will now begin my address.

Your Royal Highnesses, Yang Berhormat

P. Kamalanathan, Deputy Minister of Education and Higher Learning, Malaysia, Honourable Minister of Education and Skills Training of the Kingdom of Lesotho and the Permanent Secretary, Your Excellencies, Ambassadors and High Commissioners, Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, may I warmly welcome and thank each and every one for being here to grace this event and share in the joy of this occasion. We feel deeply privileged that you have set aside time to be with us.

We want to dedicate this success we share today to all parents who are here and most importantly to those who are not with us today.

Many of the parents seated in this hall have come from far across the world to be here to celebrate the graduation of your loved ones. I wish you a most pleasant stay in our country and a safe journey when you return to your home country.

Their Royal Highnesses, Distinguished guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The University has a well-established tradition of conferring Honorary Doctorates upon national and international leaders who have been outstanding in their contributions to industry and society.

Today we take pride in recognizing the charismatic leadership of His Royal Highness Tunku Bendehara of Kedah upon whom we will be conferring the Honorary Doctorate of Social Development.

His Royal Highness is well-known for his dedication to humanitarian efforts, and the enormous contribution he has been making to ensure better welfare and support services for those in need.

His Royal Highness is especially respected for his hands-on involvement in disaster relief, and his commitment to ensuring caring and comfort for all concerned, irrespective of race or creed.

I know His Royal Highness to be a very down-to-earth and humble person who will never hesitate to personally initiate activities to benefit all who need his help and support.

I feel privileged that in this hall we are able to pay tribute to His Royal Highness Tunku Bendehara's outstanding leadership.

With the permission of Her Royal Highness, the Sultanah and His Royal Highness the Tunku Bendehara, I will now address the University's class of 2013.

Class of 2013,

We are gathered here to celebrate your success. You now join the many Limkokwing alumni who are already making a difference in impacting more than a hundred and fifty countries across the world today. I want to extend to each and everyone my warmest congratulations.

Many of you will soon be leaving this campus, which has been your adopted home for the past few years, to return to your home countries.

I take great comfort in knowing that you will bring with you happy memories of the time you have spent in this country, the many friends you have made here, the several languages you have learnt to speak, the numerous classmates who have become your closest friends.

On behalf of everyone, I thank you for the pounding energy you have brought to this campus, the incredible vibrancy you have brought to this university.

In your time with us, you have won awards and broken records. Online, on-stage, on-screen and on the pitch, you have won the hearts of many. You have become role models to many in and out of this country.

You have no idea how proud we are of what you have achieved. And how much we will miss the enormous creative energy you have brought to us.

With your departure, this place will never be the same again.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Truly, there can be no doubt the proudest people here must be the parents. I congratulate and thank you for being who you are. If not for you, we will not be celebrating here today.

I know you will recall clearly the day when your children left home to begin school on their own.

That may seem like just yesterday, but it would have been some fifteen years or more. Your children have certainly gone through a long journey to graduate here today.

Class of 2013,

You are coming of age at a time when the world is going through its most dramatic transformation.

What used to take two years can now be done in two days.

Less than 10 years ago, there were only 100 websites registered. Today there are 650 million websites.

Less than 10 years ago, there were only half a billion mobile subscribers. Today there are 7 billion subscribers.

What we see as impossible today is the real world of tomorrow.

Things that have always been considered science fictions are becoming normal day-to-day reality.

The future is where the impossible becomes possible.

One day soon, with the help of brain implants, you can surf the web with just the power of your thoughts.

One day soon, the physical computers may no longer exist. The keyboard and the mouse will be the first to go.

One day soon, custom-made organs will be made available; veins and arteries in five years, hearts and livers in ten.

One day soon, cars will be designed to enable the blind to drive.

One day soon, planes will be made to reach anywhere on the planet within two and a half hours. Breakfast here in KL. Lunch over there in New York.

One day soon, those who decide to completely change their appearance may go for a head transplant.

Yes, it's true what I am telling you. What's impossible to do today will be easily done tomorrow.

Class of 2013,

You are part of this dramatic transformation. Whatever you do will have an impact on the change that is seen across the world.

Young people have been at the forefront of all recent ground-breaking innovations.

The people who created Facebook, Google and Twitter were no older than you when they started to create those phenomenal online engines.

In creating those giant footprints, they reduced the world to the size of a smartphone.

Who would have imagined that the number of text messages sent each day could be larger than the entire population of the world?

In making your own marks and creating your own footprints, you are well equipped to succeed.

The ability to shape and design the future is now in your hands.

Class of 2013,

As you move on, you will remember the people who have lifted you up along the way, those have walked alongside you whenever you needed someone by your side.

To them you will always show kindness and gratitude.

Most of all, you will forever remember the unwavering love and unquestioning support of your parents. You know how much they have sacrificed just so you may succeed in all that you have set out to achieve. You know how far they will go just to keep you close in their hearts.

Upon your irreplaceable parents, you will forever shower love and affection.

Class of 2013,

May this journey that you have started with us take you to the tops of your worlds, and to the most exciting places in the world.

Just remember this, that no matter how far away you may be from us, we will be right here applauding your every achievement. You will always be a deeply entrenched part of us – this will always be your home.

On that note, and on behalf of all of us, I bid you farewell. You go knowing you have only our best wishes always.