Limkokwing University Graduation 2011

Address by Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Limkokwing at Graduation Ceremony Kuala Lumpur, on 16th July 2011
19 July 2011

YABhg Tun Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi, YABhg Tun Jeanne Abdullah, your Excellencies, Ambassadors and High Commissioners, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Allow me to begin by thanking each of our guests for making time to be with us today. Many of us will carry memories of this occasion for a long time to come.

You have no idea how pleased I am to have the Former Prime Minister with us today.

Tun was here to officially open this campus in October 2004. At that time we had students from 60 countries.

Tun will be pleased to know that today, this is home to students from 140 countries.

On our city campus in London, which was officially opened by Tun in 2007, there are students from 44 countries.

Some 35 years ago when we first met, Tun was already deeply involved in youth welfare and development.

His philosophical approach in developing the complete person has set the direction for Malaysia’s next generation.

It is only fitting that this university honours him today for what is clearly a legacy that he has built over the many years that he has been in public service.

Class of 2011,

Now to each and every-one of you who have graduated today, may I extend to you my heartiest congratulations.

I have always found it hard to speak at convocations because today means your departure from this campus, and for many of you, from this country to return home.

I hope you will bring back with you happy memories of this place and the people you have met.

You have no idea how proud I am of what you have achieved.

Class of 2011,

You now join the many Limkokwing graduates who are making important contributions in this and many other countries around the world. We are proud of you, each and every-one of you.

But there can be no doubt that the proudest people here today must surely be your parents. To you too may I extend my warmest congratulations.

You will recall the first days when your small children left home on their own to start school. You had to prepare their uniforms, comb their hair and help them put on their shoes.

That may now seem like just yesterday, but it would have been some fifteen years or more. They have come a long way.

I want to thank you for allowing us to share in that journey. I also want to tell you that your children have worked hard to be here today. Because we have not made it easy for them, you should be so proud of them.

Class of 2011,

It has been a privilege to have you with us.

For most of us, this will be the last time we are gathered in this hall, which we have named the Hall of Fame. That should give you an idea as to what we expect of you.

So before you move on, let me take a few moments to share with you some thoughts I have about the future.

As we know it, the future refers to the space of time that lies ahead of us. That space of time you now have ownership of. What you do with it today will determine what and where you will be tomorrow.

Every step you take will either move you closer to your dreams, or take you farther away from them. It stands to reason that the sooner we know where we want to be the faster we will get there!

Class of 2011,

The future has always been and will always be defined by people who have an unwavering sense of purpose.

They would never take the easy way out, and they will move mountains, if mountains are getting in the way.

In pushing beyond the ordinary, they achieve extraordinary success. In doing what they do, they transform societies, and influence the way of life of millions across the world.

To say that the future is about change is to state the obvious.

Soon we can extend our lives by simply replacing the organs that are not working too well.

Soon those who do not like crowded places may travel to the moon for a really quiet, out-of-this world vacation.

Soon your tiny mobile phone will replace your computer. It will be all you need to do your work no matter where you find yourself on planet earth.

The Internet has already created a virtual reality that has made time, space and distance totally irrelevant.

You may not realize, but it is young people just like you who have been at the forefront of these ground-breaking changes.

The people who created Yahoo and Google and Facebook were no older than you when they launched their online footprints, doing what they could with little more than a few friends, and their old computers.

From you I expect nothing less. You have everything you need to create your own footprints.

Your future will be anything you want it to be. Use it well and you will soon be doing things that seem simply impossible today. The future is now in your hands.

Class of 2011,

As you move forward, never forget the many who have along the way given you strength and support. The people who were there to lift you up whenever you were feeling down, to push you forward whenever you were falling behind- these are your instructors, your classmates and your close friends, your brothers and sisters.

To them, you will always show kindness and gratitude.

Most of all, you will never forget the unwavering support, the never-ending patience of your parents. You know what enormous sacrifices they would have made just so may have the secured opportunity to prepare and build your own future. It may not have crossed your mind that they would want you to succeed more that you have ever thought about yourself.

Upon them, you must forever shower love and affection.

Class of 2011,

As graduates of this university, you are expected to stand tall and above the rest. You have a reputation to live up to, and that I know you will. You will at all times uphold the good name of this university. You will be exemplary citizens, and contribute to society, your country and the well being of humanity.

Class of 2011,

I want to thank you for the energy and vibrancy, the fun and laughter that you have brought to this university, the vivacious and pounding spirit that is apparent in all that you do, that is apparent in all of you. All that we will miss with your departure.

You have won awards and broken records and you have surpassed expectations at every turn. You have become role models, both in and out of this country. You have done us proud.

Class of 2011,

I want you to know that this will forever be your home. It does not matter how far away you may be from us, we will always be here, watching and applauding your every achievement. You will always be a part of us. We will always be proud of you.

May this journey that you have started with us take you to the tops of your worlds, and may your futures be filled with accomplishment and happiness.

On that note and on behalf of all of us, I bid you farewell.

You go knowing you have only our very best wishes.

May God bless you and keep you safe.