Launch of “Innovation Book”

Address by Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Lim Kok Wing at Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
16 January 2010

Ladies and gentlemen,

In my mind, this is an informal gathering of friends but we do have a few political leaders of the country and several ambassadors with us this morning. Let me begin by welcoming Yang Berhormat Tuan Haji Fadillah Yusof, Timbalan Menteri MOSTI, Yang Berhormat Datuk Idris Harun, my long time friend Datuk Paddy Bowie, their Excellencies, High Commissioners and Ambassadors, friends and colleagues from here and elsewhere.

I thank you for your presence. I know you are here just to show me support, and I thank you most warmly for that, especially the Deputy Minister, who must be the busiest person in this room.

I can tell you that I now feel totally recharged by the very kind (flattering) words that Yang Berhormat has used to describe me. I am grateful that the Deputy Minister has put aside time to be here to officiate the launch of this book, inspite of his impossible schedule.

And my good friend Paddy, the irrepressible, irresistible, irrepressible Paddy Bowie whom consider to be the best speaker in the world, I thank you for whatever you have said about me. Coming from you, I take it that everything you have said about me is completely true.

When I called Paddy to say a few words at this occasion just a few days ago, she said yes but on one condition -that I must have no say over whatever she wants to say and that her few words may run into a few hours.

Well, that is vintage Paddy. Some ten years ago she publicly labeled me a dangerous man in front of a large crowd. Paddy you would be pleased to know I have been working hard to live up to the meaning and your expectations of a dangerous man.

Well, to all those friends and students of mine who have been shot for this documentary, I only have this to say -that I was touched and nearly moved to tears. I was humbled by the generosity of your affection. I was moved beyond words. I feel honoured and I am now speechless.

I am speaking just so you know how much I appreciate what you have done for me.

I was not given a chance to watch this video until just now. I was aware the production crew was up to something, but had no idea what the final edit would look like. I must say it makes me look better than I could imagine.

For doing what they have done behind my back, I would like to thank them in front of you.

The video was mostly shot and edited these past two days and completed at 9am this morning.

Ladies and gentlemen,

If I have done well, there could only be one reason, and it is the fact that I have always been surrounded by extraordinarily talented people, who not only share in my vision for this country and the wider world, but who would be stuck with me no matter how crazy the things are that I want to do. My staff and students have always been an inspiration. If not for them, I would have done nothing.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Innovation: Enabling Transformation

This is not exactly a new book. Its first edition was published 5 years ago. Some of the speeches were first delivered as far back as 10 years ago.

Some people who have read the book say that I grumble a lot. I do not.

Just wouldn't stop doing what I fee must be done!

So you can imagine how pleased I was when the word INNOVATION was finally added to the Ministry of Science & Technology.

Now I am attempting to persuade the Minister, the Deputy Minister and the leadership of the Ministry to place the word INNOVATION in front instead of leaving it at the back of the Ministry's name.

So you see, I just wouldn't stop!

But I must stop talking now. I am aware that many of us would have to leave soon for Friday prayers.

I will thank you now once again for your show of support, your kind thoughts and your charming presence.

Yang Berhormat, I am honoured by your presence. I thank you for putting aside time to be here inspite of your tight schedule.