Innovating Malaysia Accelerating Transformation

Address by Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr Lim Kok Wing at the launch of Digital Innovation Centre, on 18th July 2011
19 July 2011

Yang Berhormat Menteri Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin, your Excellencies, Ambassadors and high commissioners, industry partners, advisors and friends, ladies and gentlemen, may I extend a warm welcome to everyone.

Allow me to begin by thanking the Minister for putting aside time to be with us.

We thank you Datuk Seri for your support and encouragement for all that we have done. It is not by chance that we have established 12 campuses in 8 countries in just 4 years. This record we intend to break by doubling the number of countries in the next 2 years.

As well, I must thank our industry partners who are with us on this new digital platform, and those who have become an integral part of this university over the years.

The Minister will be pleased to know that our partners include all the leading brands in digital technology and leading creative practitioners in the country.

In the drive for innovation, as the Prime Minister has repeatedly pointed out, the private sector must take the lead. This is exactly what we have been doing. And that is the very reason why we are opening this centre today.

As we know, in the world's most advanced economies, infrastructures powered by creative industries are in place to ensure outcomes of cutting-edge innovations. It is for this very reason that we have brought creative industries right into our ecosystem.

Here we have made digital technology and creativity an integral part of our delivery ecosystem. Here we have merged industry innovation with academic excellence. For us it's never a matter of having one and not the other.

With the establishment of AIM, national aims and intentions have been put in place. What have to be put in place now are the implementation systems.

Here, because we place talent development at the heart of our ecosystem, creativity in all forms and functions is inculcated and celebrated - whether we are here in Asia, Africa or Europe.

Here you will see creativity that comes from 140 countries spread across every continent; ideas that can only come from the richness of such multi-cultural diversity.

This university is possibly the world's largest digital content training facility. For this reason, this campus has become a talent hub for some of the brightest brains in the world.

Here high-tech accelerators are created to generate high end products and services that are second to none in the country.

At these accelerators we create content and designs for some of the best known brands in the world. Here our alumni produce content that wins more awards than any other university in the world.

Here we nurture the most imaginative creative minds for the creative industries – where essential test-beds are built to create ground-breaking innovations for wealth-generation.

The opening of this digital innovation centre marks a new level in industry collaboration; one that will bridge the gap between industry leadership and education leadership; and one that will result in ground-breaking competencies driven by the latest cutting-edge technology.

The creation of this centre is also in direct response to the Prime Minister's call for norm-breaking efforts to engineer human capital that is wired to the future.

The National Innovation Policy has three primary thrusts and they are to strengthen the building blocks, empower the enablers and shoot for the stars - meaning creating local heroes.

Where education is concerned, the building of future-focused human capital, empowering people with digital technology skills, and creating intellectual property have been highlighted. These are the very pillars upon which this university has been built.

What appears to have been accorded less weightage than it deserves is the driving force of creativity. We know only too well that innovation takes place only where creativity is actively encouraged.

This is where this university with its cluster of creative industry partners can play a leading role in promoting creativity.

I do feel it is perhaps time for this university to be given due recognition for the pivotal role it has played in injecting and advocating creativity and innovation in education since its inception 20 years ago.

Here I must pause to express our gratitude to the Minister for making time to be here to open this innovation enabling platform. I have no doubt it will contribute to accelerating innovation and enhancing Malaysia's digital creativity.

In his endeavour to transform Malaysia into a global education destination, the Minister can feel assured that we will be alongside him every step of the way.

To conclude, I would like to show the Minister a piece of imagination that we have animated right here on this campus.