A Journey to Self Expression

Addressed by Tan Sri Lim, at Limkokwing University, Cyberjaya
8 February 2007

Members of the Press

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are proud to host today′s art exhibition featuring two of Poland′s finest artists and renowned academics.

Prof Wieslaw Zaremba and Prof Roman Gajewski, I understand, have more than 20 years of experience in the field of fine art and installation art. I have no doubt we will enjoy the visual feast that has been spread out before us today.

Today′s event is significant to us: it marks the beginning of what we believe will be a fruitful partnership between the university and the embassy.

We are also proud to be collaborating with Sabanci University in this event and a second exhibition to be staged at the Limkokwing International Students Centre at Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

These exhibitions pull together three countries to promote cultural exchange. The cooperation between Limkokwing and Sabanci reflects our intention to promote the cultures of both countries.

It reflects the aim of both universities to encourage a global mindset in the younger generation.

In turn, we hope to stage an exhibition in Poland and Turkey in the near future, in line with our "global university" philosophy that has seen us expanding beyond Malaysia – to such cities as London, Gaborone in Botswana, Shanghai and Beijing.

There is a likelihood that you could end up perceiving this event as just another exhibition. But I hope not.

This is a special occasion that every Malaysian and non–Malaysian should take advantage of. This occasion would allow students and faculty to learn more about a country known for historical cities like Krakow, Zamosc, Torun and Malbork.

Apart from the outstanding monuments of the past, it also offers unique landscapes and contact with wild nature. Wild, untouched, and more diverse than in most countries in the world, the wild life country is easily accessible.

Then there is Polish art, which has always reflected world trends while maintaining its unique character. The Mloda Polska movement witnessed the birth of modern Polish art, and engaged in a great deal of formal experimentation, led by a group of Polish impressionists. Artists of the 20th century avant–garde represented various schools and trends. And since the inter–war years, Polish art and documentary photography have enjoyed worldwide recognition.

Limkokwing hopes to explore various possibilities with the Polish embassy in terms of exchanging culture, and sharing innovation and knowledge. With the support of the ambassador,we hope to link up with companies from Poland and these ventures, I am sure, would result in a healthy growth of knowledge and skills.

Limkokwing, being an innovative hub, could be the centre where students could interface with designers and innovators from Europe. Likewise, the embassy could tap into the many creative brains we have on campus, who are no doubt brimming with ideas for the 21st century.

A Journey to Self Expression is a month–long event. I urge all to come enjoy the beauty of the paintings on display.