Visionary Man

A new vision of education

The best of both worlds

As with almost everything he does, Tan Sri Lim did not follow the traditional rules in providing education. He broke the norms and pioneered different pathways which changed the ways in which knowledge is delivered and acquired.

He brought the world into the classroom and he brought his classrooms into the world. He wanted his students to graduate with qualifications which they can take anywhere in the world and he achieved it through networking with some of the most established universities around the world, universities renowned for their specialisations. Through his university, he seeks to change the way people think and the way they look at things.

The future, he believes, has always been driven by people with the determination to go where no one has been and do things no one has done, to follow the path less travelled.


He translates his conviction into action and chooses to develop his university into an international centre for innovation and capacity-building which will train thinking and tech-savvy industry-ready human capital for developing countries.

He is acutely aware of the much-quoted statistic that 85 percent of the world’s population living in developing countries gets by on only 20 percent of the world’s resources - because these countries have little capacity to innovate and create opportunities.

By designing his university as a creative destination for the developing world, he aims to empower people with the skills, the knowledge and particularly the mindset essential to drive the transformation of developing countries into innovative nations.

Strategic collaboration with industry and government

Peace MakerTan Sri Lim established his university’s main campus in Cyberjaya, the creativity and innovation heart of Malaysia alongside the country’s administrative capital, Putrajaya and just outside the country’s business centre Kuala Lumpur, in a strategic collaboration with the government-supported Malaysia Design Innovation (MDI) Centre.

MDI unites academia with industry and the government in an endeavour to promote design knowledge and skills, develop quality Malaysian brands, inspire the entrepreneurial spirit, promote innovative thinking among Malaysians and change the way Malaysian companies build their businesses. The ultimate goal is to help propel Malaysia into the ranks of the world’s most successful nations.

Tan Sri Lim knows that although Malaysia is progressing rapidly, it has another rung to climb before it can truly move to the next level. For decades, the country has been making products very well and selling them very well all over the world. But the best made-in-Malaysia products are mainly designed by non-Malaysians, manufactured by non-Malaysian companies and marketed under brands owned by non-Malaysians.

The most successful countries own internationally - known brands which are the most admired and trusted in the world. And because they produce the best quality goods and services which the world wants, they become the most competitive.

That is why Tan Sri Lim wants Malaysia to move up the value chain, by helping it to develop the capacity to make more Malaysian-designed products and create more Malaysian-own global brands.

And he is convinced that design plays a major role to give products a competitive edge in the international arena. That is because he has spent the best part of his life developing brands and building corporate identities.

Nation Building

Nation buildingEducation is the passion of Tan Sri Lim’s life, but it is not the only area to which he has devoted his considerable talents in the service of his country. He has addressed and implemented a multitude of national issues and conceived and implemented numerous nation-building campaigns for the Malaysian government which have served to promote unity, change mindsets and increase awareness. Read More

The peace-maker

PeaceAs an advocate for peace, he initiated the Malaysian World Peace Foundation which held the inaugural Kuala Lumpur World Peace Conference in August 2003. The highlight of the conference was to bestow a peace award – the Kuala Lumpur World Peace Award – on a deserving person selected by a special committee. The inaugural award for 2003 was presented to the former French President Jacques Chirac. Read More