Father of Innovation in Creative Education

The ability to adapt to change is the most crucial trait that a person, a company or a nation that wants to excel in the 21st century can posses. And what is change if not creativity and innovation? Being innovative means improving on what is already in existence. Being innovative is therefore essential to gaining a competitive edge in every area of life. Innovation cannot be ignored.



2011 April 20

I would like to thank the ‘father of intanational innovation’ for giving us the oppotunity to realise our potential in terms of creativity and innovation, by bringing the university to BOTSWANA. I was one of the people who have talent in architecture, but because of some other reasons i didnt complete my BGCSE,which is the highst education level in Botswana that allow you to go to university.so i cudnt manage to enter UNIVERSITY OF BOTSWANA. But after you opened LIMKOKWING BOTSWANA i managed to find a place in 2008, doing ARCHITECTURE TECHNOLOGY, And right now i am one of top ten student in the whole university in AT. I Still want to go to Malaysia to FINISH my Bachelor of Architecture.


2010 June 16

Needless to say to the title ‘Father of Innovation’ live up to the brand name of the university. I can see success ahead of Limkokwing university producing not only Asia’s best but World best to match with the industry standards. Congratulations Tan Sri!!

Nicholas Chu

2010 June 15

Creative education has come to be known as a respected stepping stone for students looking to get ahead in the globalised world. As the pioneer of creative education, it is only fitting that you’ve been bestowed the title of ‘Father of Innovation in Creative Education,’ Tan Sri. You showed us that things can be different. You showed us a new way forward. Thank you, Tan Sri.

Peter Yee

2010 June 15

Your journey has been a long and arduous one, Tan Sri. But it has borne fruit. Your graduates are well-known throughout the world, and your brand of education that preaches creativity and innovation has been sung by world leaders looking to develop the next generation of movers and shakers. Congratulations, Tan Sri. You’ve changed the landscape of education as we know it. I cannot think of any man more deserving of the title of ‘Father of Innovation in Creative Education.’

Ahmad Fauzul

2010 June 15

Who I was before I came to Limkokwing, and who I am today are two totally different people. Before, I had limits and I would often settle for second best. Today, I constantly challenge myself to go the distance and aim for the top. I am a proud Limkokwing graduate. I am a creative thinker and an innovator. There are no limits for me.

Ali V. Tehrani

2010 June 15

The university is head and shoulders above its peers due to Tan Sri’s innovative methods in carrying out creative education. He is a great example of what one man can achieve and he has made us believe as well.

Andrew W.T.

2010 June 15

Before I stepped foot in the university, I had no idea how my experiences there would change me. I really don’t know how to explain it, but the things that you see every day, the people you talk to in class—in a culture that challenges you to be the best that you can be…that’s what Limkokwing University is all about.

Fabianus Ferial

2010 June 15

Having been a product of Tan Sri’s unique approach to education, I can certainly guarantee its effectiveness. A Limkokwing education gives you a global perspective that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. An advantage? Definitely. Thank you, Tan Sri. You fully deserve your title as Father of Innovation.

Marco Harris

2010 June 15

He has changed the face of education, shunning traditional rote-based learning for a creative, industry-ready approach. Limkokwing graduates are given responsibilities usually entrusted with ten-year veterans due to our exposure to industry needs and expectations during our studies. I can honestly say that I would not be as ready as I am if I studied anywhere else.


2010 June 15


Dennis Lee

2010 June 15


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