The Entrepreneur

The 21st Century Entrepreneur

He is an unusual entrepreneur in that he looks beyond the profit margin for satisfaction. For close to 40 years he has applied his skills in helping the country achieve its objectives, often simplifying complex policies to bridge the information gap between government and people. He has been the kind of entrepreneurship that a developing country, like Malaysia, has needed to transform itself into a thriving prosperous economy. His outstanding entrepreneurial achievements received recognition in 2005 when he was selected the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Malaysia.


He changed mindsets helping people to grasp the elusive concept of creativity and thus enabled young people to convince their parents of building careers in creative professions. He brought the world into the classroom through smart partnerships with some of the world's most established and reputable universities and colleges. He is well respected in the international academic community as a trendsetter who is helping to evolve education to new levels.

Communications guru

The communications industry has few role models of his calibre, a public figure able to influence minds through thought-provoking campaigns. For someone who started out as a cartoonist struggling to make ends meet, he has more than come a long way - he has chalked up more milestones than he himself can remember. He has won more than 100 awards and he continues to receive accolades for outstanding achievements in advertising, communications and education.

Inspiring mentor

He takes a special interest in the next generation, making time for them despite his hectic work schedule. He sees in them the future of the country and gives importance to their training, grooming them to become leaders. The students of his University find inspiration in his words and many have developed into exemplary young people able to multi-task. As a result, he has a corps of young executives who have taken charge of the University's marketing as well as creative content development for industry.