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Creativity - The foundation to innovation

Creativity is a process of thought that everyone uses, though they are not always aware of it. Creativity thinking takes place when a person works on a problem. But it doesn't happen immediately. it takes a while of trying to think the problem through in a logical manner - using logical or critical thinking.

Creativity thinking kicks in when the mind begins to look for new solutions after exhausting all the logical ways of arriving at an answer. If the creative thinker is intensely occupied with arriving at a solution, he or she will find that the solution arrived at can be a breakthrough idea. The solution is then referred to as an innovation.

It's about mindpower

To have ideas and be able to act on them is to be a very powerful person. By having ideas you are changing the environment around you and if your idea is a big idea you can change the world. Millions of people around the world are at this very moment engaged in seeking new ideas to solve problems, to market products, to entertain, to govern, to cure, to build and so on. Ideas are about everything and anything that we all do. An idea starts by being an image in the mind. As we toy with the idea we begin to visualise and transfer the image in our heads onto paper. After that it is the passion of the idividual that will carry the idea to fruition.

Ideas change the world

The house we live in, the clothes we wear, the car we drive, the entertainment we love, all began as ideas. They were relolutionary ideas that have become a part of our lives. Ideas have transported Mankind from caves to the cities as we know them today. And in the years to come, who knows how much more our lives will change.

What are ideas?

Ideas are solutions. They are the results of creative thinking harnessed to critical reasoning. Creative thinking engages the right brain while critical thinking is a left brain function. But there come moments when we both creative and critical thinking converges. That's when the magic happens. The ideas flow. The researcher makes a leap in his experiment, the mathematician discovers a new formula, the musician composes a new tune, the businessman finds a new strategy and the doctor makes the right diagnosis.

Ideas begin as problems

The problem is an essential part of the solution. many of the solutions that help us in our lives began as problems that some bright sparks found answers to. The trick is in whittling a problem down to its essence. The solution lies within the problem and it is important to really study and understand the problem. Sometimes the solutions are so extraordinary that they completely change lives. Take the computer, for instance. It began as a backroom device useful as highly efficient calculators and record-keepers. Today it is an indispensable tool for all facets of life from business, education to entertainment and governance.

Igniting the idea

To have ideas you must be able to think. It's about thinking critically and creatively, two separate brain processes. We are used to thinking critically when we study subjects like mathematics that require the use of the left brain for logical reasoning. But when we try to compose an easy, draw a picture or do anything totally new, our right brain is activated for creative thinking. But to have ideas you need both critical and creative thinking.

Dedicates to three decades of Creativity & Innovation

Prepare to take-off! This is a journey with a difference. A journey that will help you understand the extensive application of creativity to all facets of life. From nation-building, economic development, trade promotion, image building and international relations to promoting peace, sports, advocacy, youth development and education amongst many other issues. The segments displayed here as taken liberally from more than 30 years of work by Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato' Dr Lim Kok Wing, one of Asia's most brilliant creative strategists who has worked with multinational, governments, academia and humanitarian organisations from around the world.