The tapestry of Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Lim Kok Wing’s life as captured in glimpses here full endorse his view that creativity opens a wide vista, making life more enriching, more fulfilling and more meaningful.


He was 29 when he set up his first business - Wings Creativity Consultants - in 1975. It was a bold move because he was muscling into an industry controlled by expatriates and multi-nationals. His perseverance, talent and skills, within a short time catapulted his business into the top rung. He was wooed by an international network and his enterprise grew to become a global business through a merger with the third largest communication network in the world. He broke away to form his own integrated communications organization that created a name for itself for outstanding work.

The creative maestro

He is one Asia's most well-known communications strategists. He built his campaigns on meaningful messages. Companies, government and humanitarian organization sourced in one man a strategist who was not only highly creative but one who was able to move people, change mindsets, touch the hearts of people and shape opinions. He worked closely with the Malaysian Government delving into cause marketing and relationship building. His abilities made him the perfect person to help South Africa as the country prepared for its first democratic election.

All through his life he has abhorred conflict. He always sought other more peaceful solutions, sometimes going out of his way to avoid confrontation. This dislike for violence is woven into the fabric of his life.
It all lies in how high a person wants to fly because with creativity the sky is the limit and those who are adventurous can mingle with the stars!

21st century entrepreneur

He is an unusual entrepreneur in that he looks beyond the profit margin for satisfaction. For close to 40 years he has applied his skills in helping the country achieve its objectives, often simplifying complex policies to bridge the information gap between government and people. He has been the kind of entrepreneurship that a developing country, like Malaysia, has needed to transform itself into a thriving prosperous economy. His outstanding entrepreneurial achievements received recognition in 2005 when he was selected the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Malaysia. Read More

The Visionary

His revolutionary way of handling education has resulted in a campus environment that is now inspiring even the more established universities in developed countries like UK, Australia and New Zealand. He has introduced the concept of Global Classroom and enabled students to shift part of their learning to 170 institutions in 77 countries. This will result in creating graduates who are comfortable with other cultures and able to negotiate with understanding. Read More

He is a perfectionist with low tolerance for mediocrity. It is a characteristic that has served him well and that has brought him to where he is today.

Brand strategist

He has spent the best part of his life brand positioning Malaysia in tourism, education and foreign investment. A perfectionist, he is meticulous in choice of words and matching of visuals in all the work produced to promote the country. As the world shifted to use branding as a business strategy, he relayed its importance to the small and medium sized entrepreneurs, persuading them to invest in building their brands instead of indulging in contract manufacturing. He created an entire gallery dedicated to packaging innovation. The more than 1,000 designs featured in the gallery serve as an ideas bank to provide the sector with ideas that can be used to improve market perception of their products.

The industry icon

He does not look every inch the high-powered corporate figure in appearance. He conducts meetings, presents campaigns, meets business leaders, minus the trappings of a formal business suit with tie and all. But he is sidely respected for his effort to raise the benchmark for industry through creativity and innovation. He constantly confronts Malaysians to rethink the way they run business, often reminding them that the world's most successful and powerful countries are also the most creative and innovative.

The innovator

Being a creative person he has always looked for novel ways to make learning more meaningful to the student. He has taken the non-traditional approach and in the process brought fresh new thinking to the educational process. He set up incubation units to develop new businesses that are natural extensions to the University's programmes. Students are then able to apply their skills in practical ways and, in the process, pick up entrepreneurial capabilities, as these businesses will be franchised to interested students. Read More


As an advocate for peace he initiated a peace conference hosted by Malaysia. The Kuala Lumpur World Peace Conference 2003 was the first by a Muslim country. The highlight of the event was the peace award which was awarded to the French President Jacques Chirac for outstanding dedication to the peaceful resolution of conflict, courage in defence of principle and commitment to co-operation for peace among the nations of the world. Read More