Deeply involved with Philanthropy - Despite the demands of running a highly successful and fast-expanding enterprise, Tan Sri Lim Kok Wing devotes 40% of his working time helping  the poor, the needy and the disadvantaged.

Tan Sri’s contributions to society long preceded CSR (Community Service Responsibility), the much touted catchphrase that describes the community and social service performed by the corporate sector.

Credited with having done phenomenal work

He designed himself to find time for community work and today has an impressive record of contributions to charity. He was credited with, doing phenomenal work raising public awareness on social concerns like blood donation, and flood relief, as well as raising funds through projects like Fashion Aid and Child Alive Charity Concert.

For an extended period of time, he served the Red Cross Society. He helped found the Society for the Severely Handicapped and Cancerlink and was a member of the board of several community service organizations.

Developing a campaign aimed at reducing the  sufferings of the Palestinians.

He saw the plight of the Palestinian people as an issue that the global community should be aware of and set about developing a campaign aimed at reducing the sufferings of the Palestinians.

His campaign for the Muslim Palestinians drew accolades from leaders around the world. Similarly, with Bosnia-Herzegovina, he drew global awareness to the unfair persecution of the Bosnian people and raised funds to help victims.

He was given national recognition for his significant leadership in community work.

For his significant leadership in community work, he was given national recognition through the conferment of royal awards which entitled him to use the titles Dato’ (equivalent to the British’ Sir’) and Tan Sri (Lord).

Tan Sri Lim had always been a man in a hurry to get things done in his business ventures, but he always displayed patience and fortitude when it came to helping the disadvantaged.