Malaysian Creative Circle Awards Ceremony

Addressed by Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Lim Kok Wing, Limkokwing University College
15 August 2003

My many friends and colleagues from the industry and media, and everyone who has come to join us, may I extend to all a warm welcome. Welcome to our campus and the first Malaysian Creative Awards show.

I see many familiar faces, old friends, new friends, important friends - Dato′ Shazalli Ramly of NTV 7, Dato′ Ahmad Farid Ridzuan of TV3, Datuk Sean Sulong, the King of Voice-overs Patrick Teoh, Faridah Merican, Datin Linda Ngiam and Joe Hasham.

Creative people are the most important people in the world. You know that is true. Any where in the world, it is creative people who create new business, new products, new media, new markets, new life styles, new business trends, new standards, new heroes.

It is creative people who fill up TV boxes and keep the cinemas full. They keep the air waves flowing, and the cash registers ringing.

(It is also creative people who fill up Ham′s pockets.)

It is creative people who build economies around the world. What creative people do, in an out of advertising and the media, has an impact on the life of every living person on earth, including some no longer living. That′s all true.

A country that produces smart and intelligent advertising will be viewed as a country of smart and intelligent people. That simple. But that important. A creative country will be a successful country. That′s the reality.

I therefore feel it is timely that MC2 has been inaugurated, but only you and your continued support can ensure its continuity. And it′s only you who can make it happen in the first place.

Early this week, we had the Deputy Information Minister here to launch the Creativity Week. Today, we have you to celebrate our creative best.

Some weeks ago, we had some of our country′s best and the world′s best known creative brains here to pick the best work that has been produced in the country over the past year.

Today, we celebrate with those whose work has been picked as the best of 2002.

I understand that a 150-page Awards Annual Book has been produced to commemorate this event, and will be distributed tonight itself.

This is all for the industry, and it is all a big effort, and this could only have happened if you had a big sledgehammer doing it for you.

Ham′s the man. Ladies and Gentlemen, let′s congratulate Ham, the man!

Ham has asked me to inform you that MC2 is a non-profit venture. So I am telling you, but I suspect he has spent all the profit. That′s why MC2 has become non-profit. I am only the honorary chairman. I don′t know anything!

This country is full of talented people. Our cultural diversity, which you have often skillfully featured in your advertising, is our magic wand. The industry must make the best creative use of it in all that you do, and protect it well with all the means that you have.

Not only is it important for the growth of our industry, and it is essential for our society.

I am aware that a serious debate on the retention of MIM is going on, which is why I have made this comment. MIM should be updated, but it must not be discarded.

What is true is that advertising is not what it used to be. Today, we talk about one-to-one, SMS, the email, the web sell, the web TV, the events.

The direct value of the advertising industry will soon be way above the 4 billion ringgit mark set last year, and thousands more new jobs will be created, if we play our cards right.

The one thing that has not changed is the fact that the advertising business is still an ideas business. It is still all about creativity and ingenuity.

And today, we are gathered here to celebrate the best of ideas, the best of intelligence and the best of people. Not only do we have a gathering of professionals here, we also have a gathering of hundreds of university students who will soon be walking into your offices and working as your colleagues.

Before I return to my seat, may I congratulate all who will go away with prizes. To those whose work did not get picked this time, do it the next time. We will be here waiting.

On that note, may I declare open the 2003 Malaysian Creative Circle Awards ceremony.