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He opened the hallowed halls of academia to admit thousands of students for whom a tertiary education would otherwise have been denied because of traditional ideas that reserved university education for an elitist few.

Recognized worldwide as a pioneering, innovative and visionary educationist

Taking a cue from his own life’s experience, he could see the potential of developing human capital to heights never previously thought achievable, and making opportunities available to a spectrum wider than previously thought possible.

Almost single-handedly he changed mindsets of people to re-engineer higher education to include new disciplines, set new standards and to empower young people to become the best in their chosen field of study.

Education as the key for innovative nation

Tan Sri Lim saw education as the key for nations to innovate to be competitive in the new globalised environment.

In 1991, he set up the Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology that emphasized less learning by rote and more by thinking out of the box.

One of his pet projects was to popularise Design as a career. Traditionally parents and students gave Design a wide berth, in the mistaken and prejudiced view that it was not an intellectually-challenging pursuit.

Tan Sri Lim turned this concept on its head. To him, the Design was a vital force to unleash the innovation of thought and concretization of ideas. And that was the way of the future.

This innovative strategy to provide creative-based education had an immediate appeal to parents and students in Malaysia.