Revving up inclusive innovation with Inovasi Negara

Revving up inclusive innovation with Inovasi Negara

Last week, we launched one of most important public campaigns - Inovasi Negara (Innovate the Nation).

Conceptualized and designed by the University, the campaign is to energise Malaysians from all walks of life to be innovative. We realize that innovation is a big word and a big concept, so we have developed a five-step roadmap that includes training activities and acceleration centres to demystify and engage some 25 million Malaysians.

That’s a big goal but it is do-able. The fact is we don’t really have a choice to go slow. We need the scale and the momentum if we are to become an innovation economy.

Tan Sri Lim

Our Prime Minster has made it clear that he will leave no stone unturned in his mission to ensure that Malaysia will not be left behind in the coming new world economy.

In a recent speech, he said: “To ensure inclusive development, the Government will continuously plan and implement programmes and initiatives centered on knowledge, creativity and innovation.”

We are not short of talent, and the leadership to make it happen. We must first ensure that innovation is made prevalent in every sector of industry and every corner of the country.

Moving beyond youth and ICT innovation

The last few years, much has been invested in various initiatives to spark innovation -  with the emphasis heavily in favour of young people in schools and tertiary institutions, and the ICT industry.

That’s understandable, because young people are early adopters, and the ICT industry - which to the masses translates to the Internet and Social Media - has become the poster child for innovation the world over.

Tan Sri Lim

The decision to go for quick wins with these two categories certainly made sense because it provided momentum, which in turn provided stories and sound bites that made headlines.

But in the process, good intentions may have inadvertently left out those who don’t fit either category, and therein lies the problem. Innovation seems to have become almost completely associated with youth and the ICT industry - at least in the mindset of the public at large.

Making innovation a way of life for all Malaysians

It is these very lessons that have spurred us to launch the Inovasi Negara campaign. Our aim is to make Innovation a way of life for all Malaysians - so that everyone feels a sense of ownership and understands the role they need to play to get us going, by connecting, enabling, empowering, rewarding and up-scaling.

To connect, we will be running a nationwide advocacy campaign to promote inclusive innovation.

To enable, we will be conducting workshops throughout the country to get as many people as possible to initiate on efforts aimed at creating innovative solutions. Acceleration centres will be set up to facilitate this endeavour.

To empower, we will be delivering training programmes to empower 10,000 young people annually. This will generate an enlarged base of young innovators throughout the country.

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To encourage, we will recognise 300 innovators annually across the country, from both urban and rural sectors, who have created innovative solutions worthy of recognition.

To facilitate upward mobility, we have set aside 100 scholarships for students to take up creativity-driven programmes in Design Innovation, Product Innovation, Creativity in Software Engineering, Digital Media and Business Innovation.

Going online and on mobile, we will be able to connect with some 25 million Malaysians, practically everyone we want to reach in the country.

Whether it is grassroot or high-end innovation, enabling ecosystems must be in place, to encourage ground-breaking concepts and new directions - in classrooms and boardrooms; in factories and fisheries, in urban centers and the rural heartland.

There’s no start or expiry date on that, nor does it require a particular pedigree to get going.

It’s not rocket science, but neither is it elementary.

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About Tan Sri Lim

Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr Lim Kok Wing, the Founder and President of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, does not fit into any ordinary mould that would describe most entrepreneurs.

His journey has been closely linked with the economic and social development of Malaysia.

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