War, terrorism two sides of the same coin

Tan Sri, the statistics you quoted in your post (A step to a more forgiving, more peaceful world) are really depressing.

I find it so incredibly irresponsible for so many countries to spend so much of our human assets on ways to kill as many human beings as quickly and as cruelly as they could.

Truly, some so-called humans have an unquenchable lust for blood.

And they cloak this deadly obsession in the language of phony heroism.

The perpetrators of wars always assume the mantle of defenders of peace and protectors of freedom while their victims are cast as the enemies of mankind, destroyers of peace and terrorists.

A country is labelled a “rogue” state if it does not comply with the demands of those more powerful than it, however unreasonable.

Since the 9/11 incident, the resultant “war on terrorism” launched by the Americans and their allies has only served to aggravate international tensions, mistrust and hostility.

The inflamed emotions brought wars to Afghanistan and Iraq and retaliatory terrorist bomb attacks across the world, and incited the demonisation of Iran over its pursuit of an independent nuclear programme. The Iranians have insisted their programme is meant for peaceful purposes but the West accuses Teheran of secretly aiming to produce an atomic bomb.

At the same time, the West pretends ignorance of the not-so-secret arsenal of nuclear bombs in Israel.

Dr Teresa Whitehurst, an American clinical psychologist and author, described war and terrorism as the two sides of the same ideological coin. Terrorists who kill innocent people through terrorism and war leaders who approve the killing of innocent people through war are both pursuing an evil ideology.

These twin ideologies are the two sides of the same coin.

The international media bears a certain amount of responsibility for the current state of affairs. By presenting extremism, violence and gore on the front page and television prime time news, the international media play into the hands of international terrorists whose violent objectives depend on capturing the attention of the widest possible audience.

By their complicity in promoting the propaganda of war leaders to kill and destroy in the name of a “higher cause”, the international media are equally guilty of a crime against humanity.

Instead of being the tool of war-mongers, the international media must give more space to the voices urging moderation and tolerance, dialogue and understanding.

As you have noted, Tan Sri, we already have too many wars, too many killings, too much destruction, too much grief and suffering inflicted by people on other people.

Wars make no sense because there has never been a war that ended all wars.

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