Peace for all, at all times

Peace for all, at all times

The word ‘peace’ is in every language of every culture, every tribe, every race, every religion and every nation. It clearly shows that the desire for peace is universal, yet there are statistics that tell a different story. Millions of people died or are maimed by violent conflicts, the majority, precisely 90%, being civilian. Everytime we turn on a news channel, we see the horrific images of people being killed somewhere around the world. Continue Reading

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Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Paduka Dr Lim Kok Wing, the Founder and President of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, does not fit into any ordinary mould that would describe most entrepreneurs.

His journey has been closely linked with the economic and social development of Malaysia.

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The G-20 group of countries, which directly and indirectly controls global economic affairs, represents only 10% of the countries in the world but collectively accounts for around 85-90% of the world’s GDP.

The Star, October 2009

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