Official Opening of Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology

Addressed by Tan Sri Lim at Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology, Sarawak
19 February 2009

Building A Creative And Entrepreneurial Next Generation Of Sarawakians

May I express my pleasure that the Right Honourable Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud is here with us today to officiate the opening of this campus.

Sir, this is an historic occasion for us.

I wish to convey my humble gratitude to all who are present today. I deem it an honour that you have chosen to share this event with us.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Limkokwing Institute of Creative Technology Sarawak is a part of Limkokwing University of Creative Technology Worldwide that has a global network of 12 campuses in 7 countries.

We are in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Beijing, Phnom Penh, Gaborone, Maseru and London. We are Asian, African and European all at once in the way we think and in the way we do things.

Our 25,000 students worldwide come from 145 countries

In Kuala Lumpur we have 9 thousand students from 135 countries.

In Kuching we have more than 500 students from 10 countries.

Our programmes are delivered in 30 countries.

We have plans to be in 20 more countries within the next 5 years.

We will set up campuses in countries where we can make a difference, where we can make a contribution.

We have built up a collegial network of more than 170 universities spread over 77 countries in support of our “Global Classroom” concept. It must be one of the largest university networks in the world.

We receive more than 4 million visitors from 188 countries every month to our website, making it one of the most popular university sites in the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Sarawak is an important part of our global initiative. We are very proud that we have become a part of Sarawak and by embracing its development blueprint we have made Sarawak’s Vision a part of our global initiative.

Our primary objective here is to assist in the social and economic transformation of Sarawak.

The Sarawak Corridor for Renewable Energy has a broad agenda to lift the state to new levels where every Sarawakian becomes an active participant in the rebuilding of Sarawak.

And every Sarawakian can only benefit if they possess the capabilities to respond to what the Government of Sarawak is providing through its incentives and other programmes.

The University, as a strategic partner to Sarawak, believes the state’s solutions lie in the empowerment of its young people.

Empowering them with the skills to use the tools of this new era of digitised functions and global connectivity.

Empowering them with the ability to think creatively so they may be outcome-driven and innovative in mindset.

I am very pleased to report that this University has begun that process by creating the most hi-tech learning environment to empower students with the latest in digital technology.

Here at Limkokwing every student will use the latest in digital software as a vital part of learning.

Here at Limkokwing every student will use the latest technology to create content.

Here at Limkokwing every student will have access to our electronic library to conduct research on a global level.

Here at Limkokwing a student from even the most remote part of Sarawak will become a technology competent individual who is also creative and innovative.

Here at Limkokwing a student is exposed to a multi-cultural experience that builds global cultural knowledge.

Here at Limkokwing a student has the whole world as a classroom with the opportunity to travel to many countries for research purposes or to complete degrees.

Here at Limkokwing a student has a unique learning experience that has been singled out as ground-breaking and innovative by the World Bank and UNESCO.

Ladies and Gentlemen

In a few minutes the Right Honourable Chief Minister will be invited to launch the Limkokwing University Sarawak website.

It is a specially dedicated website which is part of the University’s main website where we have a constant stream of visitors.

Each year we receive some 60 million hits from 188 out of 194 countries in the world.

We can think of no better way to promote Sarawak and its many attractions to a global audience. We bring Sarawak to 188 countries each month.

It is a website that we monitor and build and which we will continue to strengthen. The University’s Sarawak website already has over 300 pages and this will grow into a space full of information about Sarawak’s culture, economy and its people.

Ladies and Gentlemen

In establishing ourselves here, we have given ourselves a role in promoting Sarawak. Making use of the resources of our campuses across the world and the collegial network we have built, we shall work to bring the world to Sarawak and Sarawak to the world.

By bringing the world’s latest in creative thinking and creative technology, we are confident we can help build the human capital that is imbued with the mindset essential to drive the process of transformation of Sarawak into an innovative economy.

Sarawakians are among the most creative people in Malaysia. They are widely acknowledged to be the best in many areas of human endeavours.

Most prominently, they dominate in the creative industries as writers, innovators, composers, performers, producers and directors. They dominate where individual talent and creativity are the pre-requisites.

Limkokwing Sarawak will play its role to build upon this talent so the state’s economy is enriched by Sarawakians owning and running enterprises that provide the bridge where other industries, earmarked for development in the Sarawak Corridor, will require services in the commercialisation and promotion of products.

Ladies and Gentlemen

In line with this, I wish to announce that this University is preparing to launch an annual award sometime this year to recognise the creativity of Sarawakians and promote its application.

We are calling it the Kuching Creativity Award to turn this event into a showcase of the best of Sarawak. We hope to see architects submit their best designs, poets submit their best poetry, composers submit their best music, writers submit their best articles, performers their best shows and so on.

This award is to celebrate the creativity of Sarawakians in a manner that has never been done before and we seek the state’s co-operation in this.

We aim to bring the creativity of Sarawakians to the world so others may appreciate the enormous talent that is present in this state.

Ladies and Gentlemen

While we launch our initiative on creativity I would like to announce to this audience our intention to allocate scholarships worth 500 thousand Ringgit to talented Sarawakians who wish to join the campus in Kuching but are unable to do so because of financial constraints.

The scholarships will be granted under the Limkokwing Foundation for Creative Excellence and the criteria as well as announcements  inviting Sarawakians to apply will be made soon.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Limkokwing University is widely acknowledged as among the most industry-driven university in the world. The learning environment of this University encourages the incubation of new ideas which we have successfully converted into business units, something not many universities can lay claim to.

We have been able to achieve this because of the unique vision of our Founder President Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Limkokwing, whose energy and drive has been nothing short of spectacular in turning ideas into reality.

We continue to make strategic collaborations to strengthen our philosophy on empowerment through our partnerships with Anglia Ruskin University of Cambridge, UK, the Association of Tourism and Hospitality Executives, UK and our industry partners that include Apple, Dell, IBM, Samsung, Nestle, L’Oreal,Tesco, Hallmark, Mattel, Petronas, Malaysian Timber Industry Board, Astro, among many others.

Ladies and Gentlemen

In doing what we do, we are helping to promote the Malaysian brand of education around the world.

By strengthening the global profile of our education, we are playing our part in bringing more students from more countries to study in Sarawak.

By reaching out to the world at large, we are helping to bring nearer Sarawak’s goal of becoming a major destination for international education.

By reaching out to other countries we are working in support of the Chief Minister’s own vision of Sarawak becoming a major hub for international education.

The Chief Minister can rest assured that this university will work alongside him every step of the way until that vision is accomplished.

Ladies and Gentlemen

On that note, and on behalf of the faculty and all our students, may I thank the Right Honourable Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud  once again for honouring us with his presence.

My heartfelt thanks to all present. Thank you.